Tree Removal

Have your tree safely removed, no matter the danger or difficulty.

Removal Options

We can remove trees of any location, size and species. You can have us:

  • Simply cut the tree down
  • Cut the tree down and chip it
  • Cut the tree down and cut it into firewood-length sizes
  • Cut the tree down and remove it entirely from your property

We use safe, professional methods and we’re licensed, bonded and insured. We remove trees the right way and we also we take the risk.

Dangerous Trees

Unstable trees should be dropped in a controlled operation before they come down on your house or other property. Here are some indicators that a tree is high-risk:

  • The trunk has cracks
  • The tree is leaning – especially if the lean recently increased
  • It has fungus, mushrooms or other signs of rot
  • The soil is upheaving at the base of the tree

Tree Inspections

If you have questions about your tree, have us inspect it! We'll discuss all of your concerns and help you decide which option is best for you.

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