Stump Removal

Remove gnarly stumps from your yard and put your space to use.

We use two removal methods: grinding and digging.

Grinding your stump

Grinding is a couple-hour process that keeps your ground almost entirely undisturbed. It doesn’t require digging and our grinders use rubber wheels that leave minimal indentation in your yard. You’ll simply be left with a collection of small wood shavings.

We can remove any stump from any location. We grind stumps 6” below the ground, but can go deeper upon request.

Digging up your stump

Digging is the best choice when a stump is on a future building site. It’s the only process that completely removes the entire stump and root system, so there will be no remnants to cause soil settling as they decompose, new sprouts or fungal invasion.

After we dig your stump, we can take it off your property, fill the hole and level the ground.

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